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Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb, aka The God of Skinny Punks, aka The God of Ants, (et alii), is a professional artiste, arting in many mediums, only one of which is as a professional Anti-Bullying Activist, at which He is quite adept, accomplished, and über-successful.
He was the Ring Leader of "Popeye Incorporated". #RIP
He was the first Red Wolfe. He is the only Blue Wolfe.
He is and always shall be Wolverine!
He is the Grande Master and Knights Templar of The City of Lost Children. (adult children, as it were, who suffer from Adult Onset Immaturity, and the many lesser traits stemming thereof)
He is The Moqer. Making a Moqing Moqery of the Moqishness that others of lesser ability attempt — This is His Grand Life Grandeur.
He is The Destroyer, in general, and of "Mocker". (you had to be there)
This is His Moqiphesto. His Danse Macabre. His Danse of Joy.
Among His many talents are Absurdist, Amusist, Banterist, Burlesqueist, Caricaturist, Cartoonist, Comedist, Comicist, Dramatist, Farcist, Humorist, Imitatist, Ironist, Jestist, Jocularist, Jokist, LamPoonist, Mimicist, Mockist, Parodist, Pastichist, Ridiculist, Sarcasmist, Satirist, Schtickist, Spoofist, and Witist.
He is The eVile Klown and a Performance Artiste Xtraordinaire.
This is Who and What and Where and When and Why and How He is.
Past – Present – Future.
He Gots Moxie!
Count on it.




Never forget that your enemy does not see himself as evil in his own eyes.
This may allow you to make him your friend.
If not, you can kill him quickly – and without hesitation.
— Me, Myself, and I



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